vouwblad · 2007 · Folding sheet for printer Lenoir Schuring · Vouwblad 04 · 26 x 37 cm Selected by TDC 54 Jury (best graphic work of 2007) · Designed by Richard
the fourth in the series 'Vouwblad' (folding sheet), a business gift from the printer Lenoir Schuring; for each Vouwblad another graphic designer is invited to show something of his/her inspiration.
different forms are punched into the folding sheet; the user can take these forms out and fold them into three-dimensional paper objects.
the paper objects are meant to be hanged on a line; in this way a letter festoon appears and the word V O U W B L A D can be read.
in the inside of the envelope some inspiring archive images are printed: a painting of Bart van der Leck, abstract architectural forms, crazy lettering et cetera. These images were all used for the design of this Vouwblad.
die-cut letters and printed letters overlay each other, which leaves an interesting remnant when all the letters of the festoon are taken out.