TOEVAL GEZOCHT · 2009 · Identiteit · Stichting TOEVAL GEZOCHT · Boek 24 x 25 cm / 292 pp / tekst: Annemieke Huisingh, Rixt Hulshoff Pol, Mark Mieras ·
coincidence in Dutch; this book 'Toeval gezocht' (Coincidence by choice) is the result of a big art-education project in 2007/2008, involving 325 children, 15 artists and 15 schools; in this project a study was made into the connection between the expressive language of children and the artistic languages of sculptors Heringa/Van Kalsbeek, who make sculptures where controlled accidents play a big role.
for the sake of coherence, 800 amateur images were selected out of an approximate 7000 and ordered according to themes such as: collecting, researching, storytelling et cetera.
The typeface during an exhibition in Rotterdam.
(Photo: Telma Ferreira)
this project was influenced and inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach, which is a educational philosophy (from the city Reggio Emilia in North-Italy) where documentation of how children work, look and interact with the world around them is of great importance; this is why the book contains so many pictures - ordered like strips of film; because this approach is also very much based on openness - looking at the natural behaviour of children - an important factor for the design of the book was the desire to make it open and flexible (with playful lines in different forms, with images in different directions and sizes).
the letters of ‘Toeval gezocht’ are made up of lines that are drawn by hand, a typeface specially designed for this project, but these letters also seem to fall apart, scattered over the pages as if they were Mikado-sticks lying in accidental formations. These formations have various roles, for instance in the layout of articles, where they form page-borders; these lines were animated for a dvd and the website:
to show that the pictures in this book are just a few instances in a much longer process, the pictures are placed in film strips with grey fragments in between; these grey fragments also offer space for comments, sayings etc.; in this way the text and the images blend together.
an event was organised for the presentation of the book. A decor of boxes was made for the occasion and copies of the book were placed inside these boxes, making it seem like they’d just been delivered. These boxes could subsequently be used as a flexible decor for other events around 'Toeval gezocht'.
there is a cinematic feeling throughout the whole book; in a special part of the book with fold-up pages this cinematic approach is even more present; in the pictures you can follow the process of how children create things from beginning to end.
there are five longer texts in this book; each has its own layout and coloured paper. The lines are now used to mark out pages on the pages.