TM CITY GRAPHICS · 2007-2008 · Textile developed for TM-City · Designed by Richard and Esther
the graphic works accompanying the TM city exhibition (such as posters, invitations and textile for bags) are a translation of the (abstract principles of the) exhibition into other forms/materials. In this way the exhibitions and the graphic works form a whole, this translation is especially challenging with materials that are not very common for graphic designers to work with, such as textile. The pattern of this textile is based on the street pattern of TM-CITY: the black banners are exactly as wide as the streets, and they also form the letters 'TM'.
specially made textile for the TM-City exhibitions, produced in the textile museum in Tilburg. The textile was made using a special method of binding, the so-called panama-binding: a structure of small white and black rectangles forms various patterns; this is a translation of Niessen’s designing method (building with small elements). From this textile 160 bags were sewn.