THE WORLD IS OUR TOOLKIT · 2016 · The World = Our Toolkit · Tejo Rémy en René Veenhuizen · 16,5 x 23,5 cm · 192 p · Lecturis · Text Jeroen Junte, Ida van Zijl · Award best book design
Tejo Remy and René Veenhuizen regard everything they find in daily life as working material. Their designs are exhibited all over the world and are represented in many museum collections including those of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.
Text and images are alternately literally matched or combined in a associative way.
With their work Remy and Veenhuizen do not close out the viewer but try to invite him to participate. 
This book tries to accomplish this as well by presenting the body of work not in a coffee table format but more as if a person shows you around in their world.
For this book pictures were taken of sketches and models in the studio which gives a lot of information about the working method of the designers. 
Reference images that inspired the designers are shown in the book whenever they are relevant in combination with the text. As if you are watching a documentary about the designers.
On the basis of a conversation with design-journalist Jeroen Junte a visual and textual journey a long national and international projects is made and illustrates the fun, love and energy of inventive oeuvre.
The interview starts already on the cover, continuous at page 1, 2, ... etc. and ends on the back.
In this design concept images from many different sources and quality could be combined harmoniously.
The book is like a route through the ouvre, taking you from one project to another, from final product back to the first test version, from the overall design approach in the work towards practical solutions.
The different types of paper and the Japanese binding visualizes that this book is a stack of paper that is bound together. A theme that is common in the work of the designers.
A text written by Ida van Zijl is presented in the book on green paper, a seperate insert that stands out of the pages with the interview + images.
Blue silkscreen on a yellow plastic that is normally not used for a softcover book makes it a very tactile cover.