THE PEARL CHAIN PRINCIPLE · 2010 · Publication · Artist Manon van Kouswijk · 16,5 x 26,5 cm · 68/72 pages (140 in total) · Offset · Two covers (see HANGING AROUND)
This book consists of two books: Hanging Around (68 pages) and The Pearlchain Principle (72 pages). Both printed on different paper and they have different content, lay-out and printcolors (full color/only black) and bound in an ingenious way. The conjoined books share the same front and back covers but there is an option of 2 covers to choose from.

Manon van Kouswijk has collected pictures in which the phenomenon of the pearl necklace is evident.There are various inspiration sources, from a circular ring of mushrooms to a string of ‘Cosmic Pearls” in the universe, from the Oister and Pearl Roundabout in Qatar to a string alfabet for the blind. 
This collection is organized in a associative way. By placing the text on the side of the page the design offers the viewer to interpretate the images without having to read the ‘explanations’ immediately.
The book includes an essay by Marjan Unger on The Beaded Necklace. Here the typography, with the text set in a condensed Helvetica, follows the archetypical form of the encyclopedia and forms a contrast to the text by Pravu Mazumdar in the other book.