start a new art world · 2007 · Book · Start a New Art World · Artist Ad de Jong 29,7 x 30 cm · 128 pp · Designed by Richard
the cover of this book starts with a layer of white silkscreen over an image, and on top of that an uv-varnish, immediately showcasing the multiple layers and materialization of this book.
the structure of this book is inspired by the way Chinese temple complex are laid out; in the book spaces are defined each with their own function and atmosphere; starting with a gate, then a hall, then another gate, then a park, to find the palace (original work, which Ad de Jong made specially for this book) in the heart of the book.
seemingly abstract shapes are spread throughout the book; these shapes appear as an extra layer in different ways: in colour, in die-cut, uv-varnish et cetera. The abstract shapes are actually part of big letters; S T A R T · A · N E W · A R T · W O R L D.
the book consists of twenty-one different sections; each section offers another entrance to the work of Ad de Jong. This also translates itself into the choice of printing technique and paper for each section.
for the presentation of the book, the 21 uncut printsheets of its pages were exhibited, each showing one of the title's 21 letters.
quote from Ad de Jong in the introduction of the book: 'I wanted all of my material, which comes from outside, to become one with the book and so form it's own world.' To create this world one section of the book was silk-screened by Ad de Jong himself as an artwork rather than a representation of his work. 
a part of the book consists of archive material about the practice of Ad de Jong; to show connections between all the different fragments Ad de Jong was asked to connect them with a marker.
in order to preserve the independent quality of the works, watercolours and very large drawings are printed in real size (full-size) on paper similar to the originals.
the two 'pavement' sections, only consisting of pages filled with three colours, form a more abstract part of the book.
in the back of the book one can find an overview of Ad de Jong's sculptures.
Ad de Jong wrote down 34 basic rules for starting the new art world. These rules are placed in 'gate sections' between other sections of the book. Some examples: 'Start without fear'; 'No authority no crisis'; 'This is the moment'.
the letter in this book is based on a geometric, modernistic alphabet by artist and designer Bart van der Leck. It is made mono-space with the dimensions of a folio.
the photographs of Johannes Swarts zoom in on details of the sculptures, thus creating their own world in which the reader can almost touch the works; to emphasize the importance of colours for Ad de Jong the sculptures were photographed with backgrounds of various colours.