SLOW SPEED PARADISE · 2006 • Publication for Stroom, Den Haag • 22 X 30 cm • 36 pages · Designed by Esther
This publication discusses two projects by Auke de Vries: ‘After the Rain’ and ‘Slow speed paradise’. In both cases his work refers to an environment which is being transformed, respectively in Istanbul and the brown coal mining area of the Sudraum Leipzig (Germany). The two projects were shown in an exhibition in Stroom Den Haag  for which this publication was made, with two front sides, one with the red and the other with the blue title.
Throughout the whole publication the rhythm of the big titles of the covers is being continued by keywords of the projects, like ‘LANDSCAPE’, ‘DEPTH’, ‘ART’ and ‘CLOUDS’. This works as a bridge between the images and the text, but also as a teaser when having a first quick glance trought the book.
Similarly to other works by Niessen & de Vries, they have explored into integrating text and imgaery in this publication. Colour is used to link the larger words on the page with translations of the handwritten explanations from the artists sketchbook. This helps to create a bridge between the images and text.
The design of the publication booklet is inspired by drawing folders with round corners to emphasize the work in progress sketches and plans of the sculptures.. The sketches float on the page like big drawings in the folder but the images are placed towards the spine of the publication to create the idea of a pile of material.
There is one spread where the two projects meet. The flexible grid for the text makes it possible to make a variation of compostions with the Dutch text and smaller English translation.
The introduction is the same for both projects and appears on both sides of the publication in an overprint color of red and blue. The idea of a pile of material continues in the smaller page-size of the introduction.