SCHRANK08 · 2012 · Exhibition · Designed by Richard & Esther

Schrank8 (founded 2010) is a 1930’s showcase cabinet originally from Germany. It’s now part of the living room of Hansje van Halem in Amsterdam. Every two months an artist will be invited to fill the cabinet. Niessen & de Vries were happy to make an exhibition in the cabinet from november to february.


all the works in the cabinet are connected to a word and just like in this website each word is explained in a short text. All the text is printed on a folded A3 hand-out.


this edition of Schrank was the first time Hansje invited “designers whose portfolio is way too extensive to fit in ten Schranks, let alone just one cabinet. This forced them to come up with a concept to organize and select their work by.”  Niessen & de Vries turned the alphabet into a collection of relevant words and connected each word to a work which makes it a 3-dimensional translation of this website.