RIETVELD AKADEMIE NOLA · 2014 · Book · 23 x 28 cm · 112 pages · Gerrit Rietveld Academie · Printed by Mart.Spruijt · Lithography by Marc Gijzen
For 8 years teachers from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy gave workshops in Paramaribo on Nola Hatterman Art Institute; some of the Surinam students studied on the GRA afterwards.

Made by many different teachers the photographs and texts for the book were very variable, also in quality. The design had to somehow show the content as a whole and had to capture mainly the joy and energy of the project. 
The content is chronologically presented, the information in the tape emphasizes this: each teacher has their own color tape.

The tape on the cover keeps the contents almost literally together.

Surinam stars and crosses from Amsterdam are used throughout the book.
This book is made without grid, and in that sense as chaotic, human and experimental as education at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy.

The book consists mainly of a stream of images. In the middle, however, a section which with prefaces and explanations about the project can be found.

The oblique tape provides a dynamic image, while the photographs themselves can still be viewed properly.

The tape is looking quite wild but has a function at the same time: teachers name, date, title of the workshop, quotation from the text, everything is at hand because of this informative tape.

Instead of the normal CMYK inks the flourine versions were used to merge all the different images into one family and bring some Surinam athmosphere into the book.

The texts about the workshops were grouped so that the image flow would not be interrupted too much.

The improvising aspect of the whole project is depicted in the design, this book does not deliver conclusions on how to teach, but is showing the attempt to teach in an inspiring way.

Work from each Surinam student that graduated at the GRA in Amsterdam is shown one a page with grey tape with Amsterdam crosses,