precious matter · 2009 · Jewelery Department Rietveld Academy Lettering · stationary · brochure · Designed by Esther

On the doors to de department Niessen & De Vries designed the typography, for which gold leaf was used. A chic material is presented in a down to earth fashion. Niessen & De Vries chose to make the details special: a bold condensed typeface that is slightly different from the well-known fonts, which was found in an old catalogue and subsequently digitalised.


The Rietveld Academy has several departments, most of which taking care of their own publicity. Niessen & De Vries were asked to design an identity for the Jewelery Department (Precious Matter). The starting point was that the students themselves form the identity of the department. Therefore they designed an identity that is not visually present (or no more than an almost inconspicuous typeface) and they highlighted the use of materials (typical for this department), thus leaving room for the students to leave their mark.


Multifunctional, perforated cards, used by students and teachers as business cards, postcards, exhibition-tickets, teasers for presentations, etc. The beauty of a single enchanting word on a piece of paper is used again on the envelope and in the brochure.


At the Rietveld Academy it is quite uncommon to have your own workspace. At the Jewellery Department, however, all students have their own table, which functions as a workspace, but simultaneously offers a view of their world. Together with the ‘play with materiality’, this led Niessen & De Vries to idea of placing a letter on each table, and asking the students to decorate them


All expressions Niessen & De Vries made for the jewelery department are based on the play with materiality. First the typography of the doors was made with gold leaf. Later they made an envelope, letterhead and perforated cards, followed by a small folder/poster to promote the department, using a UV-varnish.