POTLOOD PASTEL GOUACHE & PAPIER · 2011 · Book · artist Erik Mattijssen · 175 x 230 mm · 216 pages · Text Judith Herzberg, Louise Schouwenberg · ISBN 978-94-91182-07-5
The cover of the book is like a window and simultaneously it displays a detail from a work of Erik Mattijssen: we see a part of a house and a bookcase.
The work of erik would not benefit if it would be presented in one long sequence. but organized in categories (that are not so appointed but after a while it becomes clear that there are different rooms, as if you are making a tour through a house) the book is varied enough and the work remains exciting as it is in reality.
The grey backgrounds are enlarged details from the work itself.  In this way the spread of the book almost becomes like a physical place, or reminds of a camera making a long penshot in a room. The work itself is like a photograph or a memory of this space.
Pictures of the work in progress show how layered the work is constructed. These pictures are printed on brown paper, similar to the cover.
The typography is very common, almost like a newspaper column. Just as trivial as Erik’s topics.
Many fold-out pages make it possible to show the work quite big (without having the images going through the spine of the book). but above all it gives a spatial effect that coincides well with the spaces as seen on the drawings.
Everything in the drawings by Erik takes place indoors. The enlarged grey backgrounds amplify this even more. ‘You (the reader) are here’ it seems to say...
The variety of the different ‘rooms’ (here the ‘greenhouse’) that show different aspects of the work without being too obvious, makes it a book in wich you want to keep on looking...

Renowned Dutch poet Judith Herzberg wrote poetry-lines to accompany the work of Mattijssen.

All the drawings are centered and the scale of these works are in relation to each other through the whole book.
One time the work is shown much bigger (and therefore not in relation anymore to the rest of the book) and that is in the ‘wallpaper-section’ where details of the work are shown in real size (100%)