PHOTO ARCHIVES 02 · 2006 · Photobook · Artist Auke de Vries · 14 x 19 cm · 118 pp · Published by Uitgeverij Boek ·
All photographs in this book were taken bij Auke de Vries (sculptor, 1937 NL well-known for his sculptures in public space) between 1995 and 2005 as sketches for his work. These photographs - a selection from his photo archives - show situations that are observed cursorily: traces (caught in passing) of actions, human activity that once took place. The photographs don’t explain his work as a sculptor but do reveal something of the way he observes things. 
The pictures appear to have been sprinkled over the pages, but in reality 8 different positions randomly succeed each other. Some photographs cross over one pages edge to the next, a natural cons equence of the Japanese binding. This gives the impression that the photographs are part of a large and constant stream of photographs, seemingly glued to coloured sheets of paper. 
This linen jacket functions like an archive map. The silk-screened fields with texts correspond with the rhythm of the photographs inside.
Unlike an earlier booklet containing black and white photographs by De Vries, this publication is very colourful. This is because colour has played an ever more important role in Auke de Vries’s work. 16 different colours were distilled from the photographs and randomly used as a background for the photos. 

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Eight ·covers: The books are sold sealed in order to protect them. To offer a glimpse of the content each package comes with one of the 8 different photographs.
This book was preceded by a booklet of black and white photographs by De Vries, Photo Archives Part 01