photo archives 01 · 1997 · Photobook · Artist Auke de Vries · 9 x 19 cm · 118 pp Uitgeverij Boek · Awarded “Bestverzorgde boeken” 1997 ·
Esther started Uitgeverij Boek during her final year at the Rietveld Academy in order to publish this booklet. The book has been sold out for years now and is part of the collection of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam since 2005.
A book with an elongated shape. The Japanese binding facilitates the use of thin paper, thus enhancing the ease with which you can leaf through the book.
Thanks to the high quality of lithography and presswork (3 different black’s) no details have been lost in the photographs, despite their small size.
The design of the book deliberately imposes no hierarchy. The 234 photographs are all printed in the same format: 8 x 8 cm (size of the original negative). There are two photographs on every page. This photography is not meant to be art: all pictures are equally important.
Auke de Vries (sculptor, 1937, NL, well-known for his sculptures in public space) The photos betray his view of the world, his eye for detail, his ability to see beauty in coincidence. They seem like sketches for his spatial work: we see fragments of structures, regularity in the irregular, textures, repairs and disturbances of the peace. This book was made on the occasion of the Oeuvre-price he got from the City of The Hague, NL.
This black & white booklet became part 01, because in 2007 part 02 was made with colour photographs of Auke de Vries.