LEPIDOPTERA DOMESTICA · 2007 · Book · Artist Manon van Kouswijk · Photographs Uta Eisenreich · 21 x 29,7 cm · 60 pp + fold-up sheet
Manon van Kouswijk punched butterfly-shapes out of 683 different household items; the title 'Lepidotera Domestica' is therefore also punched out and forms the cover.

See also: DIE-CUT
the book starts and ends with research pages, about collecting in general and collecting butterflies in particular.
the butterfly cut-outs left her with 683 objects; Manon van Kouswijk arranged these left-overs in different ways and Uta Eisenreich took pictures. The arrangements were made by colour, by material, by form et cetera; in the middle spread, for example, the objects are positioned by the principle of mirroring, like in Persian carpets.
the pictures of Uta Eisenreich are added to the book as objects by giving them all their own size; the photos thus form a layered collection.
the book is binded and composed on the basis of a mirroring-principle, resembling a butterfly.
Manon van Kouswijk's collection of punched-out butterflies is presented on a fold-up sheet in the back of the book; the positioning and photography is inspired by the way scientific (butterfly) collections are often presented.