HANGING AROUND · 2010 • Publication • Artist Manon van Kouswijk • 16,5 x 26,5 cm • 68/72 pages (140 in total) • Offset • Two covers (see THE PEARL CHAIN PRINCIPLE) ·
This book consists of two books: Hanging Around (68 pages) and The Pearlchain Principle (72 pages). Both printed on different paper and they have different content, lay-out and printcolors (full color/only black) and bound in an ingenious way. The conjoined books share the same front and back covers but there is an option of 2 covers to choose from.
Alongside making classical jewellery pieces, Manon van Kouswijk became increasingly interested in other types of archetypal objects. This catalogue shows a new series of porcelain necklaces and a selection of necklaces of different materials created in the last 15 years.
All 31 images of the necklaces are drawn into the index in the back of the book, with the title and the materials used. The images in the book are in this way autonomous.
In her work Manon van Kouswijk focuses on the value and meaning of jewellery and domestic objects.
‘Wearing the world, some reflections on jewellery and mataphisics’ is the title of an essay by Pravu Mazumdar. The text is set in the typeface Pradell in an archetypical ‘classical’ way and forms a contrast to the essay by Marjan Unger in the other book.
By overprinting pages of Hanging Around and The Pearlchain Principle interesting overlaps appear. A set of 18 cards was used to promote the book.
The collection of necklaces were photographed by Uta Eisenreich: â€œI tried to keep my interference minimal. The necklaces vary in interpretation because they are photographed following different conventions of jewelery-photography, for instance like how it would be photographed for a ‘house’ like Cartier, an antropological museum or an educational institute for jewellerymakers.”