DOMESTIC STRANGERS · 2013 · Book · 16 x 22 cm · 132 pages · Tanja Smeets · Text Els Hoek (Boijmans van Beuningen) · Published by Timmer Art Books · Printed by Mart.Spruijt
on occasion of an exhibition in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen this the book was published. The xhibition was showing four installations by Smeets in which she combines everyday materials with ceramics. Smeets asked Niessen & de Vries to make a tactile book that gives an overview of her work and shows the exhibition in Boijmans van Beuningen in detail.
since Tanja Smeets’ work was documented in a not so coherent way all the surroundings of the works in the images were made black and white. This has the advantage that the works are now distinguished from the background.
echoing Tanja Smeets’ interventions in (public) space a circle is cut in every page. In this way it is possible to show an overview and a detail at the same time. Like  the ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ the readers’ eyes crawl through the book.
besides an overview of Smeets’ works on thick paper, the middle part of the book, printed on thin paper, is dedicated to the exhibition in the so-called ‘cloverleaf’ space in the museum.
Dutch artist Tanja Smeets (1963) uses industrial materials to create amorphous, site-specific sculptures. These structures merge with her chosen location to create an eerie sense of the unnatural while still attempting to compliment the surrounding environment.
a very thick paper (350 g/m2) was used for most of the pages. A solely adhesive perfect binding was used and the book feels like a block of postcards. A piece of cloth lining  forms the spine on which the title is silkscreen printed.
designed by Mindaugas Strockis in 1998, the forms of the typeface that is used are clean and sharp and have an earnest, old-fashioned typewriter appeal: an industrial element that when it fills the page becomes almost fluent and organic.
like a flipbook all the images after each other form a beautiful sequence.