ATELIER VAN LICHT · 2012 · Identity and website, typography exhibition Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam · Atelier van Licht ·
in ATELIER VAN LICHT (studio of light) young children have the time and space to do their own research into various aspects of the phenomenon ‘light’. The grown-ups do not provide them with answers; they help research and stimulate this process. Niessen & de Vries developed an identity and a website for this organization.
the first pilot version of the Atelier of Light took place at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.
light makes everything visible, but is elusive. This contradiction is a source of inspiration for artists. For scientists, it has been a subject of research for millennia. The design  of the website tries to visualise both the artistic and scientific aspects of the Atelier van Licht.
color is a property of light which is determined by the different wavelengths of light from which it is composed. The eye contains cones sensitive to three different frequency ranges: red, green and blue. Also a computer or television screen works with these three colors.
on you will find that the navigation is suprising and a little magic, just like light, art and science is: the images and the text move related to one another when scrolling.
the identity consists of three intersecting lines or ‘rays of light’. One can imagine how they form an A, or how the lines mark the ‘research area’ that is being studied in the ATELIER VAN LICHT. But above all it’s a dynamic and flexible identity in wich the lines can occur in many different ways and materials with a different outcome everytime they appear.