A GENTLE INVASION · 2010 • Identity • 3 exhibitions Auke de Vries in South Africa • Poster • Invitation cards • Invitation letters ·
A collection of promotional material was designed for a travelling exhibition in South Africa on the work of the artist, Auke de Vries. The main imagery used was of the artist’s atelier and this was used as the source of inspiration for the design of the promotional materials. The removal of colour from the photograph and the composition of the photography allow the viewer a little preview of what’s expected but restricts the revelation of the final pieces. It entices the viewer to come and see the completed pieces at the exhibitions.

The poster for the exhibition was composed using the black and white photograph of the artist’s atelier that is coloured in certain areas to mimic the way the sculptures are painted after construction. The dynamic positioning of the typography over the photograph is bound together by the use of colour.

When the photographic element is removed, the typography and coloured markings create an image reminiscent of invasion maps.  
An adaptation of Courier was used for this project, changing it slightly by creating a third weight to compliment the existing two. This improved the visual aesthetic of the type when set in large type sizes within the publication.
Niessen & de Vries maintained the existing visual language from the promotional material by treating the imagery on the front cover and chapter title pages in a similar fashion. The use of black and white imagery of the works in the studio with bold coloured areas reflects the intuitive language of the artist. 

Part of the exhibition was located outdoors in the Nirox Sculpture Park and the photographic documentation of it is arranged to create a continued horizon line.  
Niessen & de Vries organized the material into four elements that contribute to this publication: photography of the exhibition, coloured-in black and white images of the studio, the specially written text and the sketches. Printed on 2 types of paper; coated and uncoated, the collaboration of these elements create an exciting rhythmn to the publication.
Invitations and promotional leaflets were designed using the invasion map style imagery. The interaction and participation between the typography, the colours and sculpture continues the ethos of the artist: “Sculpture in nature should participate actively in order not to be rejected.”

The invitations are perforated and when separated they form 3 fragmented pieces representing the 3 exhibitions and when pieced together, they form the South African flag.