1:1:1 SCHELTENS & ABBENES · 2011 • Series of publications • 22 X 33 cm • Initiative of Niessen & de Vries • Issue #04 Scheltens & Abbenes · Designed by Esther & Richard
Scheltens en Abbenes are still-life photographers. When they photograph objects, they don’t present them as plain sellable products, they often manipulate and utilize them as building blocks for new compositions. Niessen & de Vries wondered how descisions are made while arranging all the objects...
Once, all the fabrics that had to be photographed for an assignment, were put aside on a bar. All of the sudden S&A recognised the image of a carpet, that’s how the ideas for their free work can arise. These carpets are shown in this publication.

The general text about the work of S&A are set in a single column, but arranged in a way that the fraying form of the text is refering to the shreds of the fabrics in the photographs...
In order to make the text legible the black switches to white or the other way around.
Just like S & A arrange al the objects in order to make a new composition, half of the pages of this publication were arranged on the cover and together they form a carpet again... 
The photographs were lithographed by Sebastiaan Hanekroot and printed in 2 blacks and 2 greys + spot varnish. the result is beautifull, just like a print on barite paper. The typography is only printed in 1 black and without varnish, wich makes the text legible even when it’s on top of the photographs.
The second text is about the making proces of the carpets. The sentences reverberating from side to side, symbolising the working proces in the studio where S&A react on eachother, move things around, taking numerous shots and study them in order to arrive at the right composition.
Reading the ‘billiard text’will make the reader turn the publication now and then. This active way of looking combined with the content of the text draw attention to the details in the photographs.
A poster is silkscreened on top of the print-sheet to announce this new 1:1:1 issue.
At the end of a session S&A sometimes kick the set to see what happens to the composition.