1:1:1 METAHAVEN · 2011 • Series of publications • 22 X 33 cm • Initiative of Niessen & de Vries • Issue #03 about the work of Metahaven · Designed by Esther & Richard
Metahaven is one of most radical groups of graphic designers. In this issue Neissen & de Vries ask Daniel van der Velden and Vinca Kruk not so much about the theory behind their work, instead they wanted to know more about how Metahaven make design decisions. A conversation between colleagues is the result.

Elements of play, tossing cards, layers, sometimes even ‘magic tricks’. Niessen & de Vries tried to portray visually the working methods of Metahaven.
A poster is silkscreened on top of the print-sheet to announce the new 1:1:1 issue.
Metahaven started out using Photoshop filters and gradients in their designs that existed as jpeg images. Later they created effects produced in a physical way through the printing technique. Niessen & de Vries decided to use gradients in the design too, but actually perform these in the printing proces itself, using the split fountain technique in every run.
Using the split fountain technique in every run means 8 colors are used in this issue: day-glow pink, green, day-glow yellow, red, gold, licht blue, black and dark blue.
Eleven forms taken from Metahaven’s work (star, rectangle, circle, drop, triangle, etc) are used to place the script-like text in. Each voice (Daniel, Vinca, Richard & Esther) in their own color.
“I don’t mind when someone can’t quite unravel our work, as long as someone likes it or finds it exciting to look at” Vinca says in the interview. Niessen & de Vries tried to keep this excitement while depict Metahaven’s work monochrome.