1:1:1 MELANIE BONAJO · 2016 · Series of publications · 22 X 33 cm · Initiative of Niessen & de Vries · Issue #08 Melanie Bonajo · I.c.w. Richard Niessen · offset, 16 pages
Melanie Bonajo makes music, installations, photos, performances and films – often combining these disparate media within a single project.
In this issue of the series, we literally interlaced the strips of text with strips of images (stills from one of Bonajo’s films).
Her work deals with themes like the spiritual emptiness of her generation, Man’s relation to Nature and the links between technology and connectedness. She talks about these themes in various interviews, that we edited into one.
The designs were printed in tinted silver on satin finish paper, on top of which we added an esoteric mix of colors.
In this way the issue evokes the mood of the artist’s work.