1:1:1 KLAVERS & VAN ENGELEN · 2011 • Series of publications • 22 X 33 cm • Initiative of Niessen & de Vries • Issue #02 about the work of Klavers & van Engelen · i.c.w. Richard Niessen
Niels Klavers and Astrid van Engelen are fashion designers. They work from unusual themes such as a piece of paper, the wind or vitrage curtains.
On the question if there is something lacking in the photo’s and brochures that they produced for their collections, KvE explained that they missed movement and the tension of the moment on the catwalk, so that’s what Niessen & de Vries tried to achieve with the design.

Turning page after page the seasons an the range of colors KvE are working with become visible very clearly.
The strokes emphasize the film strip-idea, and gives a physical quality to the publication. It’s  also reminiscent of the sewing machine.
Two typefaces (Lexicon and Helvetica) were made monospace, identifying with the existing vertical strokes.
The strips can be torn which allows the reader to change things, to make a different movie (or wardrobe combination) as it were...
The silver layer (that is printed under the full-color printing) combined with varnish in the black areas (on top) causes the vivid depicton of the satin fabrics, an effect almost like oil floating on water, which is a feature of the work of KvE.
A poster is silkscreened on top of the print-sheet to announce the new 1:1:1 issue.