1:1:1 JORIS LAARMAN LAB · 2014 · Series of publications · 22 X 33 cm · Initiative of Niessen & de Vries · Issue #06 Joris Laarman · I.c.w. Richard Niessen
JORIS ·LAARMAN:is a Dutch designer, artist and entrepreneur best known for his experimental designs inspired by emerging technologies. In 2004, Laarman together with his partner Anita Star, founded Joris Laarman Lab in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The lab collaborates with craftsmen, scientists and engineers and the possibilities of emerging technologies as CNC systems, 3D printing, robotics or simulation software.
SPACE:As Laarman deals with emerging technologies his work is often ‘futuristic’. After trying to render a 3 dimensional space in a computer program, Niessen & de Vries came up with the idea of setting up a ‘real’ space through which the camera could travel from the past to the future. The captured images are used to form the pages in the booklet.
MUYBRIDGE:Inspired by the photographic studies of motion of Eadweard James Muybridge a grid was used on a black background.
LITHOGRAPHY:The booklet is printed in 2 times black, silver and a green. All images are in a different combinations of these colors. As usual Sebastiaan Hanekroot (Colour & Books) did the lithography of this issue and Mart.Spruijt printed it.