1:1:1 GABRIEL LESTER · 2012 • Series of publications · 22 X 33 cm · Initiative of Niessen & de Vries · Issue #05 Gabriel Lester · Designed i.c.w. Richard Niessen
The films and installations of Gabriel Lester work from the inside out. They aim to provoke dramatic tension and direct the gaze inwardly as well as outwardly. These works, which occupy both time and space, are made up out of dramatic suggestions and are either implicitly narrative, explicitly visual or both at once. The frequent use of cinematographic devices, such as montage, sequences, crosscuts and spatial edits, provide a tension span or at times a storyline. Subjects, such as psychology of space, constitution of memory, evocation of predicament, magic thought, set-up and pay-off, and destiny, surface frequently in his art works.
Like seeing the work of Gabriel in real life, the viewer is also part of this publication. He decides which sequence to follow: the text or the artwork.
10 artworks are included in this publication. Of each work a series of 3 to 6 images was chosen. The images are shown one by one at the time, but are recognizable as series because they are exactly on the same spot on the page.
The design of the titles, captions and even the text reminds a little of film credits typography.
The typography reminds you of the headlights above the cinema in earlier days.
In the middle of every page, we see Gabriel Lester and we can read what he's saying about his work in general, like subtitles or voice-over in a documentary.
The terms fade-out and fade-in are used to describe a transition to and from a blank image. Each series of images shown in this publication fades out or fades in.