1:1:1 DOCUMENTARIES IN PRINT · 2016 · Book (compilation 1:1:1 publications) · 22 X 33 cm · I.c.w. Richard Niessen · 148 pages · Text Els Kuijpers · ISBN 9789082137743 · Awarded Best book design
All nine issues of 1:1:1 gathered in one volume. 

Initiated by graphic designers Richard Niessen and Esther de Vries, the series explores forms of expression in design and offset printing.

ISBN 9789082137743
published by Uitgeverij Boek

The starting point for each issue is an interview with an artist or designer that focuses on the representation of his or her work. Eylem AladoganGabriel Lester, Joris LaarmanDavid Jablonowski, and Melanie Bonajo are among those who were selected to participate. Rather than strive for maximum legibility or a perfect reproduction, Niessen & de Vries transformed each issue into a distinct portrait.
An essay by Els Kuijpers examines communicative design in the broader context of the production of meaning.